Sunday, January 13, 2013

Talking about: 2013

Two thousand, thirteen.

Twenty thirteen!

It is, indeed, 2013.

Twenty. . . THIRTEEN!

What does that make you think of?

A masked killer in the woods, getting some work done.

It makes me think of a black cat under a ladder, a hanging horse shoe falling over and letting all the luck spill out.

All of the luck?

All of it.

All of that luck stuff is just mumbo jumbo.

Sure, sure, bad luck, curses, black magic, the supernatural, possession of inanimate objects, devil dolls, killer puppets. Total fantasy.

Hey now, that isn't all the same.

Maybe not, but since this is the only 13-year we're going to get for the next century, I think we should do something to mark the occasion.

How do you mark the "occasion" of a whole year?

Well, how about we have a special update every month of the year, on the 13th?

We could do that. Or you could. I don't really like to be held to a schedule. It' so restrictive.

I got it under control. Just try to meet me here every month on the unlucky day. It'll all lead up to the big release in October.

That sounds. . . questionable.

Just trust me. It's going to be good.