Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The October Theme of the Month!

Bride of Frankenstein!

Now here's a really good one.  What can I say about this movie that hasn't been said?  If you're a Frankenstein fan, if you're a classic horror movie fan, if you're a classic movie fan in general, you've probably seen this already at least once.


Some consider it to be James Whale's masterpiece. Some consider it to be the best Frankenstein film ever made. The funniest thing is seeing stuff from Mary Shelley's original novel that wasn't actually used in the first movie (in fact, very little of her novel was used in the first movie).

For example, this movie includes the part in the novel where the monster observes a family living out in their country home-- although in the movie, it's just an old blind man by himself. It's the first person to accept the monster instead of hating it on sight, and it's really crucial to the development of the monster as a character
What do you like about it, Yikes?

The uh. . . the marauding sequence?

Marauding sequence? You mean at the very beginning when he kills the old couple investigating the ruined windmill?

He only kills 2 people? I mean, yeah, that scene.

Wait. Yikes, have you actually seen Bride of Frankenstein?

Not. . . lately.

Have you seen Frankenstein?

I saw the one with John Hurt.

The one by Roger Coreman?
Frankenstein Unbound.

That's the one you've seen? The weird sci-fi time travel one where they mix in Mary Shelley with the fictional events of her story? There's like 8 universal Frankensteins, a Hammer series of them, god knows how many others, and the only one you've seen is Frankenstein Unbound?

I like John Hurt. I think he's a good actor.

He IS a good actor, Yikes. The point is, you're allowed to see more than one Frankenstein movie.

I've been afraid that seeing the others would taint my love of Frankenstein Unbound.

Holy crap, Yikes. Okay, let's look at some copies of the original that are available for us to pick up, okay?

There's the straight-up barebones copy of the single movie on DVD. If you ONLY want Bride, or you somehow already own some of the other Universal Frankenstein films on DVD, I guess this one could be for you. I personally have never checked out this edition, but I've heard reports that the transfer isn't so great.
Of course, we've probably all noted a pattern by now and know that this is what a collector really wants. This is one of the best of Universal's Legacy collections. It includes pretty much the entire Frankenstein series (which is also one of Universal's longest) with the exception of Meets the Wolfman, which we already know is on the previously discussed Wolfman Legacy Collection. Once again, this is the one I own, and I love it.
Hey now, let's not be forgetful!

Okay, okay. We've already talked about it enough. It's legitimately a fun movie, even if it's a bit of a guilty pleasure. There's some cool gore, and it's an interesting way to look at the Frankenstein legend.

I love it!

Your Coreman tolerance is higher than mine in general. 

It's not like I'm talking about the De Niro one here.

Fair enough. Now let's go check out the classics and you can start getting caught up.

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